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To the cloud: the 6 key challenges for ISVs

If software development is your core business, you’ll know hands down that the cloud is unbeatable when it comes to scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. To decide which cloud solution suits you best, here are 6 challenges to take into consideration.

1. Your business model

More development time, higher start-up costs, slower – yet more stable – sales growth: cloud computing will impact your business model and, inevitably, your pricing.

If you decide to base your prices on transaction volumes – think of the number of emails sent, records in your database, etc. – real-time data is crucial for keeping your finger on the pulse. A good service provider will offer you the necessary monitoring tools to gain insight into your cost structure.

2. Your infrastructure

Many businesses consider the public cloud the least expensive and the private cloud as the most secure solution

In reality, this decision will depend on your priorities. Do you place greater emphasis on compliance and compatibility with other tools? Or, are cost-efficiency, storage capacity, and support more critical to you? Read all about the differences between public, private, and hybrid clouds here. 

3. Virtualization

Moving to the cloud means moving your IT infrastructure to a virtual server. Ask yourself the following questions before taking this step: can your software package run on a virtual server? Do you want an exclusive cloud environment, or is multi-tenancy – a plan in which you share a virtual infrastructure with several other businesses – also an option?

Finally, how will you protect your customers’ and users’ data in compliance with the GDPR? Be sure to ask your service provider about this.

4. Automation

Processes such as rolling out applications or user account provisioning can be exceptionally time consuming. The cloud lets you automate these processes so your customers can get started with your application sooner.

Moreover, with a cloud solution, you can guarantee superior availability and streamlined disaster recovery procedures: two USPs that will undoubtedly interest your prospects. 

5. Mobile devices

The use of mobile devices and applications is increasing worldwide. One of the challenges facing ISVs is the need to provide mobile versions of their solutions.

The question is, of course: how far can you and do you want to take this? Should you build a separate mobile application with full functionality? Or, will you opt for a hybrid solution offering only the main features? 

6. Your platform

The operating system you choose will determine the stability of your application as well as its costs. The underlying database also plays an essential part in this.

Will you choose an extremely sound but expensive solution such as Oracle? Or, will you go for an open-source alternative such MySQL? 

Want to find out how ASPEX can support you in this? 

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Wets Micha

As a Microsoft MVP, Micha enjoys talking about all things IT and has already spoken at various conferences like MS Inspire, Cloudbrew, MS Ignite The Tour & other User Group events. He has over ten years of experience as a DevOps engineer and has in-depth knowledge of private, hybrid and public clouds. Micha is a Technology Strategist at ASPEX, a Cloud Service Provider, and works closely with Microsoft on Azure, RDS & WVD (RDmi)

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