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Samsung Mobile and ASPEX bring Modern Desktop to your company

Modern Desktop evolves more and more to the standard way of working. Ease of use, security and performance are the absolute assets that meet the challenges of today's IT. Samsung Mobile and ASPEX joined forces and went to the companies with a roadshow for an inspiring introduction. Users got to know the advantages of Modern Desktop and IT managers saw that this technology still allows them to stay in control.

Modern Desktop and Samsung DeX

With Modern Desktop, the user has a familiar desktop experience in the Windows 10 environment. The WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) runs virtually in the cloud, eliminating the need for a powerful PC or laptop.

What's more, thanks to the Samsung Desktop Experience or DeX for short, a computer even becomes completely unnecessary. The user simply plugs in his smartphone or tablet with the multi-connector to use the keyboard, mouse and monitor and gets instant access to the WVD via the app.

Modern Desktop with Samsung DeX is the ideal solution for employees who need to work mobile, independently of a fixed device. Employees who are temporarily or to a limited extent involved on a project basis, for example, also benefit from a Modern Desktop solution. In essence, Modern Desktop is a solution that can make any work environment safer and more efficient.


Easy to use and manage

To deploy Modern Desktop within your organization, you don't need any technical knowledge at all. The specialists from ASPEX set up the WVD according to your wishes and needs. The system is continuously monitored, updated and backed up.

Once up and running, the user connects his Samsung smartphone or tablet with the multi-connector on the peripherals. In the Samsung DeX mode, the user has access to the WVD and can immediately start working with the familiar applications and documents.


Because the entire operating system runs virtually in the cloud, the risk of viruses and loss of data is significantly reduced. There is simply no longer a laptop or desktop that – consciously or unconsciously – can be used in an unsafe way. Even if the user loses his Samsung smartphone, that's no problem. He can log on to the WVD with a new device and continue working on what he was doing.

Always up to date

As a service provider, ASPEX ensures that the WVD is always up to date. The most recent anti-virus and security updates are immediately installed and the performance of the WVD is monitored and maintained. This way, you are always reassured that you have the necessary capacity and processing power at your disposal.

Cost saving

Of course, the benefits already mentioned also result in cost savings. With WVD and Samsung DeX, you only pay for what you need in your work environment. Outdated PCs that need to be replaced are a thing of the past.

Frustrations due to slow, outdated systems, incompatibilities and cumbersome working methods are also gone. All right, the latter is more of a mental cost, but one that translates into a significant real cost, perhaps greater than the cost of the hardware itself.

Modern Desktop Roadshow

During a roadshow at the end of 2019, employees of Samsung and ASPEX drove the longest interested companies with their mobile desktop. In the ASPEX Truck, users and IT managers could get acquainted with the concept of Modern Desktop, Samsung DeX and with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Enterprise Editions. The WVDs were shown via 4G and all visitors were impressed by the smooth, mobile operation. The visitors immediately suggested various concrete applications that would be extremely suitable to run on Azure. In particular, the off-loading of processor capacity was seen as a great opportunity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Enterprise Edition

The latest Galaxy Note 10 in Enterprise Edition is Samsung Mobile's flagship and extremely suitable for use with Samsung DeX. In addition to being a high-end smartphone that has all the bells and whistles, it distinguishes itself with Knox Configure and E-FOTA, among others.

With Knox Configure, users can automate the configuration and adjustment. For businesses, Knox Configure gives more control over settings, restrictions, apps and other mobile content by allowing devices to be configured and managed remotely. For example, new employees can be connected to the company network more quickly.

Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) enables the remote management and implementation of security patches in an instant. Critical software updates, for example, can be pushed more easily. It also features biometric security, including facial recognition and fingerprint scanner, so there's no password to remember.

With Knox Configure and E-FOTA, the mobile firmware and security updates are thus easier to manage and it becomes possible to remotely update the operating system throughout the Samsung fleet. These features make the Galaxy Enterprise Edition in combination with Samsung DeX the preferred mobile device for Modern Desktop.

ASPEX and Samsung Mobile: 1+1=3

With expertise in WVD, cloud and Azure the solutions of ASPEX are complementary to those of Samsung Mobile. Together we offer total solutions for companies and organizations in sectors that typically require a high mobility of their employees, such as transport, logistics, retail and construction. The Modern Desktop solution with Samsung DeX and the Galaxy Note 10 in Enterprise Edition devices is extremely suitable for creating a flexible workplace. Moreover, the fleet of mobile devices within that workplace is easy to manage centrally. The ease of use, safety and performance far exceed those of the classic workplace and make the Modern Desktop the standard solution for efficient collaboration.

Modern Desktop Assessment

ASPEX provides Modern Desktop Assessments for companies that see potential in this technology. During a two-day workshop the existing IT infrastructure and workflows are mapped. As a demonstrator, a specific, simple process can be improved in a modern way, during these workshops.

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